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What We Talk About When We Talk About Insider Threats What does the term “insider threat” mean to you? It would be fair to assume Edward Snowden might be one of the first names or faces to pop into your head. Snowden was an insider, and he proved to be a threat. He also had malicious intentions. But, you would be shortsighted in thinking that malicious insiders are the biggest risk to your data. While Edward Snowden may be considered the “insider threat” poster child, not all employees have malicious intentions. In fact, it’s likely the vast majority of your employees have completely innocuous intentions (after all, most of us like our paychecks and want to keep them coming!) Counted among those employees, however, are your “privileged users.” Here at Vormetric, we define privileged users as high-level computer operators who often have powerful, privileged access r... (more)

What We Learned About Insider Threats in 2013 and 2014 By @Vormetric

Now that we’re past the New Year, it’s time to learn from what happened in 2013 and 2014, especially when it comes to IT Security. One of those things we in IT Security should learn is that there has been a strong insider related component in the vast majority of the large breaches that have happened this last year.   If it wasn’t a traditional insider, as in the Korean Credit card breach where 40% of Korean’s data was stolen or when Bradley Manning breached confidential intelligence records, it was a privileged user who managed systems like Edward Snowden using their position ... (more)

A Guide to the CIO’s Toolbox By @Vormetric | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

By Alan Kessler In my blog from September 2014, I wrote “encryption and access controls are your front-line defenses for defending data-at-rest. Given today’s threat environment, encrypt everything possible, everywhere possible.” While lots of things change in 6 months – the projected World Series Champion, the Super Bowl front-runner, Taylor Swift going from tweeting about dating to tweeting about hacking – this recommendation remains constant. Data-at-rest is susceptible to many forces, not least of which are malicious and non-malicious insiders. As we noted in our recent 2015... (more)

The Anthem Data Breach By @Vormetric | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

The Anthem Data Breach-Assumptions and Allegations Abound By Charles Goldberg I’m writing this blog on Monday, February 9th, late afternoon with a very full stomach. Last week we launched Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking and today we took the engineers out for a big lunch to celebrate. Now feeling full and contemplative, I thought I’d join the club and write about the big industry news: Anthem’s massive loss of customer and employee data. A lot’s happened since February 4, when Anthem announced the breach. Here are just a few groups that have been keeping busy: S... (more)

Why Tokenization Matters for Business By @Vormetric | @BigDataExpo [#BigData]

Tokenization: Why It Matters for Your Business By Ashvin Kamaraju Growing threats from both malicious and non-malicious insiders means data security should be an incredibly high priority for enterprises. As Vormetric’s 2015 Insider Threat Report noted, 44% of US organizations experienced a data breach or failed compliance audit in the last year. This is an alarming number, especially when one considers the amount of valuable data many companies store. With malicious actors becoming increasingly sophisticated, the answer is not to layer on additional endpoint and network securit... (more)